2022.158: Purpose Lost

I remember a time when I felt certainty’s hand, a blue-white flash of purpose in the halcyon days of a lost youth I still can’t stop chasing.

I was a young bat when I saw an episode of the children’s educational program Reading Rainbow in which host LeVar Burton offered viewers a glimpse behind-the-scenes of another series he worked on — Star Trek: The Next Generation, a favorite of mine. The clouds parted like a scroll at that moment, and I knew who I was — I would work in television production. (Thank you, LeVar Burton!)

I did not pursue this career, however. It pursued me.

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Lower Than the Angels: An Examination of Psalm 8

This post was originally published over a decade ago at my original blog, now long since defunct, and was based on a lesson by the inestimable Uri Harel[1]Uri Harel’s original teachings are gone, for the most part, but you may find some of his teachings at YouTube via this link., may his memory be for blessing.

Psalm 8 is one of my favorite passages in scripture, a psalm I enjoy reading and studying again and again.

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1 Uri Harel’s original teachings are gone, for the most part, but you may find some of his teachings at YouTube via this link.

2022.145: The End of Silence

In 2019, I emerged from a long, protracted torpor and opened my eyes to a world I no longer recognized… and to a face in the mirror that appeared as alien to me as the face of a foreigner from faraway realms. This was my reintroduction to the world I live in, but it was also my reintroduction to myself: blinking, starry-eyed confusion mixed with dread and instinctual fear.

I nearly flew right back into my cave to shut my eyes and ears as tightly as I could and return to torpor.

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Character Study: Darth Vader

Originally published on Star Wars Day 2020. Illustration — titled “Despair” — by Dunebat, completed 2019.280.

The sun burned furiously in the evening skies over PT-187, heat waves shimmering over the bright beachfront as frothy, wind-tossed waves crashed against the sand… but he could feel no sun warming him and no gentle sea wind caressing his pale flesh. The sea salted the air around him, but the artificial olfactory receptors built into his helmet filtered out most of the ocean air, and his nostrils registered only the merest hint of the sensation.

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith and commander of the military might of the Galactic Empire, would never feel the sun or the wind again. He would never smell anything again, not the way most people detected scent, nor would he hear or see the way others heard and saw.

The armored life support suit he wore saw to that.

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