I Seek the Unknown Path

I stand at a junction atop a crest in the desert dunes staring at the paths laid out before me. One path leads back into the wilderness I came from; I know the winding roads it leads to, the maze-like tangle of wadis that lead men and women further and further from their own souls, all too well by now. I am weary of this road, but it is the road I know. I have tread upon its paths through steppes and harsh stones for years now, winding away into the corridors and valleys in my own mind until I grew truly lost.

That path is no longer for me. If I get any more lost on that road, I will drown in the desert sands until my bleached bones become a habitat for serpents and vultures.

The other path is unknown to me. It stretches far away into the tall, green-topped mountain ranges that wind off to the west. I don’t know where that road will lead me other than “out of the desert” or “into the mountains”… but it has to be different enough from where I have already been to hold some excitement.

Today, I begin planning a whole new life: a new lifestyle, new ways of thinking and perceiving the world around me. Today, I plan my upcoming trek through the straight and narrow road before me that leads into the vast unknown future.

I do not weep for what I leave behind. I carry all that I need with me. I will not miss what lies behind me.

For good or ill, what lies before me on the mountain road is the worthier path to travel.

Here’s to the journey ahead.

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Sole specimen: Desmodus desertus. Judeo-Christian anchorite/scribe/scribbler. Lover of nerds, Goths, creatives, & outcasts.

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