Welcome to Dunebat Country

Welcome to Dunebat Country, the official website and online gallery of works for the West Texas artist known as “Dunebat”. Content will be updated whenever possible, typically on Sundays.


While this site primarily serves as Dunebat’s portfolio, Dunebat Country also serves as Dunebat’s personal blog and as a showcase for future works in various media, potentially including music and video. Expect to see more works posted to this site in the coming months. Works featured at the Dunebat Country include random missives on diverse subjects such as spirituality, the paranormal, conspiracies, cults, true crime stories, fantasy/science fiction/horror fiction, urban exploration, and geek culture, among others.


Life is colored in a myriad of strange and dazzling hues, and they aren’t always bright and cheerful. Many times, life’s colors are dark, dreary, moody, and mysterious. That, in part, is what Dunebat Country will strive to focus on: observations and examinations of the darker, stranger aspects of life, journeys through the shadowy alleys and nocturnal vistas of everyday existence.


We here at Dunebat Country invite you to take these journeys with us.


About Dunebat

Sole specimen of Desmodus desertus. Xerophilic scribe/scribbler/cenobite/luftmensch traversing the Desert of the Real.

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