• My vision is to be the best, most entertaining, most effective, most informative, most educational, most impactful, and most inspiring writer, filmmaker, and artist I can be.

• I will follow the commandments of Adonai Yeshua and the edicts of the Word of God in all matters great and small.
• I want to serve Adonai Yeshua with everything I write, record, film, or create. Whatever I produce for public consumption must first be dedicated and devoted to Him above all else.
• I want to teach others important information; introduce others to new ideas or to classic ideas that stand the test of time; convince others to act ethically, intelligently, justly, charitably, and mercifully toward their fellow humans; and inspire others to be more than they think they are capable of being via my writing and works of art.
• I want to have fun in my journey as an artist, learn from my mistakes, and encourage my readers, listeners, viewers, and patrons to do likewise.
• I will behave ethically, intelligently, justly, charitably, mercifully, patiently towards others, lovingly, and prayerfully.

• I believe that Adonai — the Deity or “Elohim” of Israelite scripture — is the one true God and that He walked among us as a fellow human in the form of Rabbi Yeshua haNotzrim or Jesus of Nazareth, who I believe is the King-Messiah of Israel who will return to govern the world on Yom haDin, the Day of Judgment.
• I believe that the Torah is the inspired utterances of Adonai recorded by the Prophet Moses, transcribed and translated through the ages by scribes and scholars, and given to all humankind freely — first to the Israelites, then to the goyim or “the nations” — so that everyone will know the justice and mercy of Adonai. All the other works of sacred scripture, from the Book of Judges in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, are works of commentary that reaffirm the sacredness of the Torah and explain its edicts, which affect every aspect of our daily lives, including the spiritual realm, the governance of righteous nations, and the day-to-day temporal world we live in today. This combined body of sacred writ is referred to rightly as the “Word of God” (commonly referred to as the “Bible”).
• I believe that solid ethics, reason, wisdom, prudence, balance, stoicism, strength of character, empathy, charity, justice, honesty in business dealings, tolerance, political equality, equity toward others, righteousness, repentance, forgiveness, cleanliness, and trust in Adonai are the essential foundations of a good life.
• I believe in chaos theory — that randomness and unpredictability can occur in ordered systems and that order can emerge, seemingly spontaneously, from systems that appear random and disorderly at their onset. Thus, seeking an existence at the edge of chaos — the hypothetical boundary between stability and spontaneity, embodied by seeking balance in all aspects of one’s life — is among the highest goals.
• I believe in being the best writer, filmmaker, and artist-in-general that I can be. I expect only high-quality works from myself, and that is all others should expect from me as well. In all artistic and occupational matters, I must strive for excellence.
• My goal as a writer, filmmaker, and artist should be to entertain first and foremost, to inform and educate, and to inspire ethical and empathetic actions in others so that we may heal our broken world and bring Adonai’s Heaven to Earth in our lifetime.

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